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The Glow Book Expo seeks to inspire, ignite and enthuse those who have always wanted to write, have already begun to write literature and those who need to discover they have real potential as a writer. Creator, Cheryl Woodruff-Brooks saw an opportunity to expose resources and guidance to potential writers living in central Pennsylvania and surrounding areas. Information will be made available regarding various topics such as sellings books independently, submissions to publishers and literary agents, researching and editing.


The 1st annual Glow Book Expo will be a one-day event, free to the public. The event will take place on August 22, 2020 at Harrisburg University, from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. The expo will include panel discussions from signed and independent authors, publishers, colleges, and authors selling books. 



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Growing up and traveling overseas and throughout the United States, Catherine Clements-Jenkins developed her appreciation of the richness of cultures that deepened her understanding of diversity.  Catherine enjoys celebrating culture, cuisine, and conversation to promote cultural inclusivity with others.    Cultural Cuisines is her inspiration. 

Cultural Cuisines brings together food enthusiasts at heart. While savoring the flavors of cultures throughout the region, “Cuisine Enthusiasts” appreciate delicious cuisine, and deepen their understanding of diverse cultures over a meal and conversation with others.  Hosted table talks encourage lively discussion centered around culture and food.   


 Catherine Clements-Jenkins, Founder, Cuisine & Cultural Enthusiast 




J.P. Dallas is a New Yorker by way of New Jersey living in Maryland. Writing was never a consideration growing up, and she never had aspirations certainly of writing a book. Giving all thanks and honor to God, for unleashing this new found passion that came later in her life. This is her first book inspired by her love of murder mysteries, criminal investigations, and everything forensic in nature. She wants to shine a light on women working in any capacity of law enforcement. Women, who are intelligent, courageous, clever and disciplined, and yet can be sexy, smart, captivating and extraordinarily complex, like the main character in Fade to Blacque. 





IntrodHello, my name is Clee Tilman. I have experienced a lot of everyday challenges. I have overcome many of them and still working on others. As a result of one of the biggest challenges in my life, I became an author. I now have two books and I’m working on a third. In addition to writing books, I’m also a motivational speaker and empowerment Coach. I also host a weekly live broadcast via Facebook, YouTube and Instagram where I interview a guest who has a positive message, business, or event. Another passion of mine is baking, known as “your favorite bakers favorite baker”. 

“Evolve so Hard”
Coach Clee

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