We Shall Overcome - 'Cause we Ain't There Yet - Reflections on MLK Day

Updated: Jan 21

My social media page is flooded with an ongoing digital tribute to one the world's most influential leaders: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. From the moment I turned on the television this morning, broadcast journalists on the news were singing Dr. King Jr.'s praises and even commercials offering "MLK" discounts were flashing across the television screen. Dr. King Jr.'s history is taught in classrooms from kindergarten to college. In my opinion, what he truly taught us is to pursue something bigger than our lives. Are you out there heroes? Are there still humans left on this planet to speak out for what is right, even if it costs them their life?

We desperately need some Martins in our society today. I certainly don't need to go into detail about the state of America. There is enough news fake or otherwise to keep us tuned in without end. In life, we tend to get comfortable when the living is easy, and things are seemingly going favorably. We quickly forget that it took four-hundred years for African-Americans to acquire freedom, that was only made official by the government about fifty years ago. Fifty years was not that long ago, when you really think about it. And here we are witnessing a leader attempting to resurrect division and white supremacy...and a whole lotta folks are willing to sign up for the task of spreading hatred. Some are just simply "coming out of the closet," now that they been given the okay to show their true colors. Make no mistake about it, African-Americans may have gotten comfortable in some aspects, but they've known racism was still alive and many can attest first-hand to experiencing it in present day, even before the last election.

What have we truly overcome? Because it feels like we back-pedaled knee-deep into the abyss of inequality. What's worse, we have been sure to include Muslims, Jews, LGBTQ, Latinos, and women. I'm sorry but in 2020, we can't just kick half of the population out of the country and make America "white" again. Besides, Native Americans were already here when Europeans fleeing religious persecution pulled up in their boats. To be fair, I don't know what's worse. Kidnapping and/or buying Africans and bringing them to America, or damn near slaughtering the Indigenous race, digging up their graves and stripping their history from the American soil they occupied first.

If this day reminds you of anything, let remind you that it was no easy feat for Blacks to acquire civil rights. It took blood, sweat, tears, death, protests, stand-ins, boycotts, prayer, marches, and the heart of white american citizens to refuse to allow discrimination and inequality to continue, and they joined the fight. It's going to take a few more Martins who are willing to die to stand up for what is right. It blows my mind beyond comprehension that we the human race don't see what we do to destroy this beautiful planet that was gifted to us by our creator. The Earth doesn't belong to us. We belong to it. When we hurt one race of people, we hurt ourselves. We are like hamsters running around the wheel in our cage, getting no closer to peace, truth, equality and justice for all man than we were before 1968. We are missing the connections.

But deep in my heart, I still believe, that we shall overcome someday.......


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